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Verida Javascript Library

This monorepo contains Verida Client Library and a variety of utility packages that support that library.

There is a React Native repository that maintains a slightly modified version of the Verida Client Library that is used to generate the @verida/client-rn package.


These are the main packages you are likely to use:

  • client-ts: Verida client library. Install this library in your project to add support for the Verida protocol.
  • account-web-vault: Create a Verida network connection that uses a QR code and the Verida Vault to sign authentication requests. Use this for your web application.
  • account-node: Create an instance of a Verida account using a private key or seed phrase. Automatically signs all authentication requests. Use this for NodeJS server side applications or React Native applications.

These are helper packages that typically aren't used directly:

  • account: Common code shared amongst the various account-xxx implementations
  • encryption-utils: Encryption utilities to make using tweetnacl a bit easier
  • keyring: Keyring for managing asym, sym and signing keys for a given account context
  • storage-link: Utilities to help linking storage endpoint information to a Verida account

Developer Notes

Node Version

This requires node v14.17.1 to build. We use nvm to manage this:

nvm install v14.17.1
nvm use v14.17.1

Linking dependencies

It's not possible to add dependencies between monorepo packages using yarn (ie: yarn add @verida/encryption-utils) if that package hasn't been published to npm.

Unpublished dependencies between monorepo packages can be linked by:

  • Manually adding the expected dependency to package.json (ie: @verida/encryption-utils)
  • Run npx lerna bootstrap in the root directory of this project


Build everything:

In the root directory:

npx lerna bootstrap
npx lerna run build

To build a specific package:

  • cd package/package-name
  • yarn
  • yarn build

Creating a release

Update all the files in each package to include entries for all the changes made since the last release.

$ npx lerna run build
$ npx lerna publish --dist-tag next

Use tag next for an upcoming release or latest for the latest version.