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Closing a database

Databases should be closed when you have finished using them. This closes socket connections associated with syncing and cleans up other internal resources such as caching.

await database.close()

Datastore v Database

You can access the underlying database object from a datastore object:

const db = await datastore.getDb()

The Verida database object is a wrapper around a native PouchDb instance. You can fetch this PouchDb instance from a database object:

const pouchDb = await db.getDb()

Database info

Additional information about a database can be retrieved:

const dbInfo = await

Here’s example output for an encrypted database:

type: 'VeridaDatabase',
privacy: 'encrypted',
did: 'did:vda:0x6B2a1bE81ee770cbB4648801e343E135e8D2Aa6F',
dsn: 'https://<username>:<password>',
storageContext: 'Verida Test: Test Application 1',
databaseName: 'SyncTestDb',
databaseHash: '<databaseHash>',
encryptionKey: Uint8Array(32) [
sync: {
canceled: true,
pull: { status: 'cancelled', canceled: undefined },
push: { status: 'cancelled', canceled: undefined }