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Verida Networks

NameDescriptionMainnet (Myrtle)Testnet (Acacia)
Storage Node RegistryList of all storage nodes on the network. This will be replaced with a smart contract in Q1 2024.mainnet.jsontestnet.json
Auth ServerA generic authentication server operated by the Verida Foundation to facilitate SSO between dApps and the Verida Wallet mobile applicationMainnet (shared with Testnet)Testnet
DID RegistrySmart contract that maintains a registry of all DID accounts on the Verida networkMainnetTestnet
Name RegistrySmart contract that maintains a mapping of Verida network usernames to DIDsMainnetTestnet
Verida TokenSmart contract for the Verida Token (VDA)MainnetTestnet
Verida RewardsSmart contract that manages rewards for users who claim their data from centralized platformsMainnetTestnet
Network ExplorerSimple interface to view the activity on the Verida NetworkMainnetTestnet

The protocol also maintains a registry of smart contract addresses in code.

Verida currently operates all the storage nodes on the network while it measures performance and rapidly resolves issues during development.

We will soon be opening up storage nodes for third parties to operate. You can learn more here or register your interest in providing storage nodes for the network.